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Treatment in the Office

A Typical Visit with Dr. Lentini

A typical visit with Dr Lentini is a comprehensive full spine treatment, individualized for each patient. He will ask you how you have been since your prior treatment, reviewing any current concerns, and will then evaluate your spine. This includes your pelvis, pelvic muscles, low back (Lumbar), mid back (Thoracic Vertebral), neck (Cervical) and the base of your skull (Occiput).

This evaluation assesses spinal motion, or lack of, spinal muscles, including the superficial and deep layer, facial (connective tissue between muscles and bone) for constriction, adherence, and restricted motion. He assesses the movement patterns of the body, such as lifting your leg while lying face down. He may also assess the extremities, such as your arms and/or legs.

Treatment often also includes myofascial release and trigger point release (the deep tissue pressure). Dr Lentini uses his hands, and/or the Percussor machine or the Vertebral Adjuster, or other instruments. He may also do deep tissue work to improve muscle and facial fluid movement to bring new oxygenated blood to healing tissue, while moving out metabolites and waste products produced by irritated and healing tissues.

Sections of the spine are adjusted to release locked up joints, fixated joints, and to help “adjust” these segments’ malposition’s, open the spaces between vertebra that interfere with your nerves. Dr Lentini is assessing the interaction of the lower body to the upper body. A patient experiencing symptoms in one area may be coming from another area.

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