We provide specific recommendations for nutritional supplements and healthy food choices to enhance our patients’ return to optimal health.  Not sure which supplements and vitamins are right for you?  With advanced education in nutrition, Dr. George Lentini can provide a structured nutritional program based on your individual needs.

We have de-toxification programs to help liver function and dysbiosis (normalize intestinal bacteria).

If you’re seeking a weight-loss program, consult with Dr. Lentini today and take the first step to being that healthier “you!”

Benefits of a Nutritional Consultation

After her treatment, a patient recently asked me, “What can I take for (insert any condition).” I wish the answer was as simple as, “Take this for that.”

The use of supplements, herbs, and even conventional medicine are used to assist the body in some way to help it support a function that is failing.

There is nutritional support I can give for upper respiratory symptoms when one is feeling sick or has seasonal allergies, or support for digestive issues. But that only helps in the short term. What is most important is helping support your whole body for the long haul, and to improve your lifestyle.

Someone who sits all day at a computer, does no exercise, has work and or home stress, overeats and/or eats poor quality food (and most don’t recognize healthy from unhealthy foods), sleeps poorly, has chronic conditions, etc., is not going to be helped by simply taking supplements without identifying other underlying factors. A person who is internally unhealthy is naturally more susceptible to health problems. When I do nutritional consulting, my goal is to improve the body you have so it can function as best it can.

To help me better understand a patient, I review laboratory findings, a systems survey questionnaire, a toxicity questionnaire, a diet diary, physical findings of weight, body fat, blood pressure, waist to hip ratio, and other measurements. We talk about goals, changes in lifestyle, and reasonable recommendations to achieve them. Nutritional recommendations to fortify your diet are also given.

My wife and I take supplements to help in our daily diets, which are unique to each other. Even with our understanding of eating well and our choice of healthy foods, we find the need to supplement our diets. Doing so helps us function better to live the office/home life we share together.

Consider discussing these options at your next regularly scheduled appointment. Reviewing your individual nutritional needs will enable you to live the healthier lifestyle you deserve!

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