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Dr George Lentini has been serving people since 1984. Our office is in the Landmark Office Center on Old New Milford Road, off Federal Road in Brookfield, CT. We are on the first floor next to the side entrance, making it easily accessible for those who have difficulty walking. The building is equipped with automatic doors, affording easy access for those using wheelchairs.

Our well-trained and educated staff greets you with a smile and helps guide you through all aspects of your experience in the office including business consultations, understanding insurance benefits, or any other care you might need. Our staff works diligently to make your office experience a meaningful one, welcoming you into our warm, family environment. The atmosphere is cozy and child friendly. In fact, children are a big part of our practice, and always enjoy our playroom before and after their treatment.

Nutrition and exercise are very important for general health care, with in-depth instruction available. Dr. Lentini has advanced training, on a doctoral level, in spinal rehabilitation, reading x rays, clinical nutrition, exercise, sports and dance medicine. Dancers and other sports-related patients dramatically improve their performance under his care. He can guide you with home, gym, and self-help programs.

Dr. Lentini studies many different treatment techniques and will customize a treatment plan just for you. There are non-force techniques, as well as the more traditional “hands on” approach.

Dr. Lentini continues his education in a broad realm of courses to keep up to date with information on health care. He was part of the Danbury Hospital Spine Center reviewing and consulting in spinal care and treatment with spinal orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, pain management specialists and physical therapists. Case review is an important education on spinal treatment.

The medical community respects Dr. Lentini. Many orthopedists, neurologists, family doctors, and physical therapists refer patients to us for chiropractic evaluation and treatment. Doctors are also patients at Lentini Chiropractic. If you consult with us first, we can assist with referrals from your family doctor to specialists, or to advanced imaging centers for X-ray, MRI, CAT scans, and sonography.

We invite you to experience Lentini Chiropractic healthcare and lifestyle management firsthand. Help find the root of that problem that has been nagging you for so long and learn to live a better, more functional life. Call for your appointment to meet Dr. Lentini now. You’ll be happy you did.

Wellness Approach

The main difference between wellness care and standard medical care is that wellness care seeks to turn on the natural healing ability.  Wellness care does not add anything to the system; instead, it removes anything that might INTERFERE with normal function.  Wellness care trusts that the body would know what to do it nothing were interfering with it.  Standard medical care, on the other hand, seeks to treat a symptom by adding something from the outside—a medication, a surgery, or another procedure.

Inside-Out vs. Outside-In
If a patient has high blood pressure, a standard medical approach would be to choose a drug that lowers blood pressure, and ask the patient to take the drug.  Whether it’s a nutritional issue, faulty control by the nerve system, or a manifestation of stress, the medication could decrease the blood pressure, but leave the underlying cause of the problem unaddressed, running the risk of side effects complicating the person’s recovery.

The Wellness Approach
Wellness is a state of optimal conditions for normal function … and then some.  The wellness approach is to look for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruptions (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments to optimize the conditions for normal function.  That environment encourages natural healing and minimizes the need for invasive treatment, which should be administered only when absolutely necessary.  When the body is working properly, it tends to heal effectively, no matter what the condition.  When the body heals well and maintains itself well, there is another level of health that goes beyond “asymptomatic” or “pain-free,” and reveals an open-ended opportunity for vitality, vibrant health, and an enhanced experience of life.  This is true for mental and emotional health, as well as physical health.  While some people may suffer psychological disorders, creating an atmosphere of mental and emotional wellness will address all but the most serious problems.

New Patients

At Lentini Chiropractic and Family Healthcare and Lifestyle Management we have always welcomed new patients to our practice.

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